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although largely symbolic has been widely criticized believed it will legitimize the treatment of non jews as second class citizens now this south ice protest has been organized by the druze community leaders the druze of course have historically been considered the israeli state's most loyal minority the sect members are serving the police as well as military holding political office to they say though the new legislation has driven a wedge through the so-called special relationship one druze leader has even said the law paves the way to israel becoming an apartheid state this nation state law is an evil and sadistic law designed to allow the state of israel to become an apartheid state or some members of the knesset including members of prime minister netanyahu is ruling likud party have also criticized the controversial law he's hit back at critics though he's called them hypocrites and claims the law doesn't infringe on the rights of a think minorities this but there are suggestions that we should change the flag
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and the anthem in the name of quality but first of all in the state of israel it is something that undermines the foundation of our existence for this reason the attacks on the left are circles that define themselves as absurd and reveals the depths to which the left has fallen we're not ashamed of zionism we're proud of our state of being the national home for the jewish people which strictly upholds in a manner that is without fear the individual rights of all its citizens that it was joined by guests on both sides of the debate to discuss the changes to the new law you state belong to the jews and of course all the citizens but it is the whole and state the whole movement of the state of the jews. why anybody would protest against this democratic decision that has been made by the majority of any population in any state and i you know i look on the flags of europe frags
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which we're speaking about flags of our. our our signs and symbols in the state you can find so many states with the cross of the flags nobody objected big states surrounding us are you sonic states nobody protest against it why is this wave of protect protest is is made against the jewish state this is the only democratic states in all this region mejor all answer me this question please well the whole thing is a controversy about this low there is nothing good actually about this law this law in first place doesn't include elements which is essential for having a proper a normal life in this country as it is more twenty percent of the society in
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israel is not jewish and the way it's transfer all those who are not jews to a second class citizens and after this law and that's where for this law doesn't suit the israeli society doesn't the communities within the states who are part of the society and want to remain interferences rallies and therefore this low has to be removed now that lines turkey is threatening retaliation after the u.s. sanctions two of its officials will have more on that story and others coming up after this short break.
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disinflation very little inflation for decades interest rates have gone down for thirty years markets have rallied for thirty years now the whole thing is reversing interest rates are going up so is inflation so we'll see how that plays out if wages rise faster than inflation. as such then trying to wonder if wages don't rise as fast as this neo inflation then we had trouble.
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the international woman wearing a muslim full face violent denmark has become the first person to be fined since a controversial new law came to have came into effect in the country the ban came into force last wednesday it outlaws the wearing a full face covering such as the booker on the niqab in public places police also have new powers to instruct women to remove their files or asked them to leave public spaces fines range from one hundred thirty euros for first time offenders to thirteen hundred euros in other cases muslims currently make up five percent of the marks population protests against the new law have taken place in a number of cities across the country in the capital hundreds gathered in solidarity with the muslim. unity wearing veils and face whilst. we're pushing people out of our societies that are going to great things and making our society
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nagel to to absorb all kinds of people we have pushing them out the fact that you could actually make a law or. specifically target of some minorities extremely scary if we don't do anything about it now i don't know where you will end like what will the next war be i think we should focus more on trying to understand different cultures and. not allowing them to be a part of our society. now there are limitations on wearing full face veils in public areas in all the e.u. countries as well france was the first nation to impose a full twenty eleven of the countries including spain the netherlands and italy also have introduced partial bans outside the european union turkey has a partial as well as the spot being a muslim majority country we spoke with a muslim woman affected by the new danish ban she thinks it will only further isolate the community they argue that it's going to integrate into society even more but the reality is that many of us we used to go to school we used to work as
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after this law we can go to school we can't work any more we think possible for us to be a part of society now that we're criminalized so we're actual criminals so we think it's a part of a bigger picture a bigger picture that includes trying to discriminate against muslims take away the rights of muslims by going after a minority within a minority in the muslim community such as the women who choose to wear the new op as muslim women from women in dialogue we made the decision that we're going to keep always in the up we're not ready to throw everything that we believe in in order to fit this description that they're trying to make of what it in each person is the discrimination of the hate crime against muslim women is going to rise so much as a result of this law so not only is it not going to work you know cordons to the intentions that it was made for which was inclusion but it's also going to further hate crime against muslim women's. turkey's vowed to retaliate against the u.s. off to washington impose sanctions on two officials in ankara over the descent of
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an american pastor. with these measures the united states has shown a real lack of respect for turkey we've shown patience until yesterday evening turkey will not be disciplined with this understanding and approach and wednesday the trumpeter ministrations slapped economic sanctions on two senior turkish officials and said any property they have in the us will be blocked in response turkey said it will introduce sanctions all of its own targeting to as yet unnamed u.s. officials besides blocking their assets anchor also says those targeted will be prevented from doing business with now the pastor at the center of that this beauty is andrew bronson he was detained in twenty sixteen in connection with an attempted coup against president obama's government that year he's accused of espionage and assisting terrorist groups a deal between the u.s. and turkey to secure the evangelical pastors release broke down just last month ransom was then transferred to house arrest over health concerns east still facing
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up to thirty five years in jail if you found guilty that's led to a heated dispute between the u.s. and turkey president to one in the turkish government i have a message on behalf of the president of the united states of america release pastor andrew bronson now or be prepared to face the consequences approaching us with this kind of threatening language will not benefit anyone it is not suitable to use such language against a country like turkey which is still cooperating with nato to the highest level but we have learned a lot of problems with the americans and turkey. brownson issue will be tribal issue and americans try to oppress turkey in order to negotiate or are their teams this is a speck out of the hell out of the problems with the in america and turkey especially. and also. there are
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many coming back or. why did. fighters in syria why does the pastor branson is really important for americans we can not understand that maybe because this is related to. american elections coming elections in november but india and turkey you know are exempt any threats from any country this is into burn to the country and we have you know there's a d.p. story in there and they will negotiate with americans and they will. find a solution. it's been almost seventeen years since the u.s. began its battle against the afghan opium trade billions of dollars have been spent during that time but what results have there actually be yugoslav has been taking a closer look. this is what an opium poppy looks like just ahead three of these is
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enough to produce enough heroin to keep an addict on the needle for more than five years now that i have your attention in afghanistan in the past year alone poppy cultivation levels swelled by over sixty percent a record of more than three hundred thousand hectares with a farm gate value of almost one point four billion dollars this is the main revenue stream for the taliban's war against the u.s. forces in the country and one recent study says the u.s. is putting this money into its enemies pockets itself in some areas development programs inadvertently supported poppy production one example of this was the rehabilitation and development over geishas systems when the u.s. invested in afghanistan's agriculture and irrigation they hoped farmers would swap from growing poppies for more conventional crops and in some cases it worked a whole lot we thought it maybe no thought i would. get on
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a. voyage other therapies hold up. all the protocol and get a fact you know that they don't tell you how to feel about much of the ferry. dock or don't they bhandarkar little good at the idea hunter normal to have by him i thought afghanistan but i. haven't done the afghani question but while some learned about growing grapes others took the chance to boost their poppy harvest usaid spent more than two billion dollars on have going to great culture since two thousand and two including tens of millions funneled into the taliban's heroin business. and if the. some surprise you they shouldn't after all it's just
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a small chunk in the billions of american tax dollars frittered away waste which washington itself admits to as i.g.a. are has identified up to fifteen point five billion in waste fraud abuse and failed reconstruction effort since its inception in two thousand and eight through december thirty first twenty seventeen when you look at an occupation that is spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year after year and you look at a couple billion dollars misspent on drug eradication and you can't really call that every effort you know ninety nine percent of the effort is going into the use of bombs and guns i would love for the united states to launch a war on global peace sustainability happiness and joy maybe we would get more of those things certainly getting the opposite of the of the stated intention is the norm not an exception here. the u.s.
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is waging many alternative wars the war on terrorism the war on drugs but in afghanistan they appear to be shooting themselves in the foot in both cases. the homeless man living in spain who was coerced into having a stranger's name tattooed on his forehead save the cruel joke was actually helping him to turn his life around after the case gained widespread attention. i was going to come on this for food or drink obviously and one of the british guy who have some part of his friend. carried up to me and offer me my first tattoo i was this. mind and he said i'm going to pay one hundred
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euro if you're going to throw something more on your fork. i don't know what is it because i was drunk. we created a go fund me page we collected more than three thousand euros already at the beginning it was only to raise the tattoo but we know that tomic has problems walking because he was from poland so we don't know if it's his hips or knees so this afternoon the benidorm clinic will take him over for free and they will also organize a series to tattoo by laser. from the time to talk up and my life story is like one hundred eighty degrees.
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you know after two months because it took two months to do the case it's like a bomb. and everyone interests me everyone want to tell me they want to upset. those people who. so you are breaking news this hour coming in from venezuela an attempted attack on the president nicolas maduro was carried out during a speech which was marking the eighty first anniversary of the country's national guard there were two explosions that occurred at the way events shortly after that the live transmission was cut off you can see the panic that ensued there in the video after the nation's took place seven venezuelan servicemen were injured in that attack we'll bring you more on that story as it develops and as we get more
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news coming in now set for myself i'm a team here for this i would join us again three am moscow time just over thirty minutes for the latest global news headlines. if. the philippine city is anxious when the u.s. military moved out the six tourists moved in. and now a whole generation of fatherless children is growing up here. a dad an opinion one
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i am as times are this is a cause a report a star all so easy sometimes things are difficult days max i know the second half you're talking to miss shed lucky you're continuing on this theme of the trade war because in the last episode karl done under said well trade wars can actually be a good thing especially in the situation whereby the united states has been losing for the past twenty thirty years against china in a trade war that has been one sided michelle we know from his website. talk dot
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com that he is totally against a trade war so we'll see what happens in the second half about that but one group of people who are very happy with the trade war and as it's been happening so far happy with tariffs steel industry emerges as trade war winner president donald trump's metal tariffs have sent steel prices surging and sparked blockbuster profits for steel manufacturers reliance steel and aluminum hauled in record sales thanks to eighteen percent spike in prices nucor recorded the best second quarter in its history its profits more than doubled steel companies are very happy with this and looks like they're winning yeah well let's call them inflation so inflation is coming in a big way with this inflation very little inflation for decades and interest rates have gone down for thirty years markets have rallied for thirty years now the whole thing is reversing interest rates are going up and so is inflation so we'll see how that plays out if wages rise faster than inflation. such then
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trying to wonder if wages don't rise as fast as this neal inflation then we got trouble well at the end of the article they do mention your point of view so they do first talk about the gains the winnings how happy the winners are in the steel industry they're making more money their profits are going up their shareholders are happy their workers are happy but in the other side of the equation they do mention that of course steel customers are less than thrilled material costs have risen by as much as fifty percent jay pharoah brooklyn company that fabricate steel used in manhattan skyscrapers still companies may have record profits but it does hurt the mom and pop shops said joe kesse kooky f.d.m. pharaoh's founder and c.e.o. so the people in manhattan where there's a construction boom going on they need a lot of steel and they're not happy with that there is one major theme they're going to compass is all this is called globalization for thirty years will post world war two is all about globalization yet all the globalized institutions like
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the i.m.f. the world bank the un world all these things but now they're all being challenged by trump and we're entering into a period of to globalization which would mean higher prices inflation across the board and if wages follow suit then there will be peace in the valley if wages don't follow there will be lots of problems ok so we're going to tie it those together into other segments here where they talk to some of the guys from the steel companies that are winning. trump impose twenty five percent steel tariffs that has seen the price of steel in the united states soar by forty one percent tire the benchmark price of u.s. steel has assumed forty one percent higher and nine hundred seventeen dollars per short ton so nucor is seizing on the amount momentum however a new core i said is gaining they their stock prices soaring their profits are soaring and what are they doing well they're seizing on the momentum to plow one billion dollars back in two. it's business
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a huge increase that will mostly go towards expansion quote what will happen to our great country if we continue to operate with a massive trade imbalance said the c.e.o. we agree with the administration's efforts to address this issue. well that is so new cars saying we're going to take the huge savings and we're going to build factories and we're going to hire people they're going to be making more money than they were before and inflation's back the big losers in all this and you will know that trump ism in the trump it could nomic model has really hit hit hard when the bond market starts on ravel because you can't have a rising bond market and inflation at the same time so when the bond market starts to unravel you know that trump is a trump economic model has really taken hold i means that workers get higher pay the prices go up but your wages go up so you're going to feel richer main street will benefit wall street will get kicked in the teeth well certainly you and i can recall in the one nine hundred seventy s. when inflation was very high but member wages used to be paid to that inflation i
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remember my mother getting a price increase you know her wage was increased every year like seven eight percent based on the inflation that was similar so we still get our incomes more pegged to the rate of inflation of course now there is not what happened in the eighty's with that or in reagan deregulation or they separated the functions of wall street and capital raising from the economy at large so that companies and the privileged elites on wall street could engage in financial engineering or deregulation that would allow them to make huge amounts of gains personally for their yachts and chateau zoon park avenue penthouses but that the money that they were gone in from the central bank would bypass wages and they did this through world trade organization outsourcing to china and essentially outsourcing all kinds of ecological cost all the extra now of the ease of running a business for x. outsourced to china ok now that period of globalization as it's called is being
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reversed is dig. higher inflation i mentioned the seventy's and wages used to increase with inflation that's because a lot of people in the audience are probably too young to remember that we used to have a gold standard and thus these huge trade imbalances were not some thing that happened because of course the united states didn't want a massive trade imbalance because that meant they had to ship their gold to the likes of france and then when the united kingdom asked for their three hundred million dollars worth of gold the u.s. said no nine hundred seventy one they went off the gold standard so because of that during the seventy's we had that monetary it was very unstable and lots of inflation because and best years were doubting whether or not we could have a total system and yet nevertheless the workers were still aware of what the value of money was so i don't know wages are tied to the inflation number and of course in the seventy's you had the discontinuation of the gold standard but you also have
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the oil embargo of the seventy's was shot the price of energy and that meant the price of wages were had to be tied to that increase in prices as well so workers are benefiting until then the eighty's you know that we just covered a moment ago but you're right that way workers have great wage parity they are out of the issues they understood the terms so this is what i'm saying is another way to get rid of this massive trade imbalance of course is just what the hated john maynard keynes said and predicted just as he predicted world war two and then he predicted this moment in time that if we didn't have some sort of global trade unit where by all that we would have massive trade imbalances the trade surpluses in germany and china are just as dangerous and destabilizing to economies around the world as the massive imbalance the trade deficit that the united states has so any country who chooses to be like the united states that they do have an exorbitant
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privilege of the u.s. dollar as a world reserve currency but it does. at the cost of their workers so to get back to new course a new core is a company when there are now policies that are driven by the comp and ministration policies and the change in steel pricing and what this is happening to workers that's kind of the cutting edge to what's happening in industrial merica it on wall street's kind of interesting are we seeing a rotation out of the fang stocks or the network stocks like facebook and twitter and apple are we seeing a rotation into industrials like the new cores i mean this is so that the wall will market have a net kind of rebalancing and not a crash effect i mean that could be the pot a possibility that's a bit of an understatement to say rotation out of the french shares because of course facebook and twitter have had a complete collapse not that twitter is kind of in that market of those online you know monopolies and all of our police but again going with this u.s. dollar issue. you know our frequent guest jim rickards has said that he
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believes there will be an s.t.r. standard special drawing right that the i.m.f. special drawing right that's kind of what keynes had kind of suggested similar to that with a bank or of a global trading unit a currency not issued by any particular national government but it's a trading unit to avoid the situation of trade imbalances another thing jim rickards said about the u.s. dollar system is that. after twenty thirty years of since the collapse of communism the soviet system the us history supposedly ended and there becomes a point where an empire gets hubris and they start wielding their weapon of saying you can't access our u.s. dollar system so i want to turn to a quote which came last week from vladimir putin when he was at a conference i think it was in south africa and he was asked about russia's dumping
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of the u.s. dollar treasuries he said you know we're not getting rid we're not going to we're not against the u.s. dollar system but just you know where we're protecting ourselves from these sanctions and stuff like that and the sort of hysteria in the united states says no plans to reject dollar but risk should be stemmed russia has no plans to reject the u.s. dollar even though washington has undermined trust in its currency by using it as an argument in political disputes russian president vladimir putin said putin also said the united states undermines trust and the dollar as a reserve currency by imposing restrictions on settlements and dollars this prompts dozens of countries to consider other options putin said adding that the chinese yuan is now obtaining more of the qualities required for the role of reserve currency you know the u.s. acting as a bully regarding their u.s. dollar financial system could ironically end up helping workers in the united states that's right do u.s. dollar being dropped as
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a reserve currency and so you titanic shifts are tectonic shifts i should say in the global economy and one of those would be use of alternative currencies again i think it's end up being better for the average person if any letters protected this predictive us but what i'm saying is that i have lived in europe and i could witness with my own two eyes the life the lifestyle the quality of living of the ordinary european is vastly superior to the lifes. the ordinary american and part of that they used to have as miserable an experience you could see that in europe before you know when they had empires once they got rid of the empires their lifestyles and their living standards have increased rapidly i think if you could see it across paris for example. before the the lifestyles in europe are vastly improved because they don't pretend to be empires they don't have the infrastructure costs of an empire.


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